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Totally Self Indulgent Post!

I am going to just admit right upfront that I am posting these pictures because I am totally showing off my legs.  I am proud of my legs and how hard I work to get them shapely.  I think they look pretty nice.  😉

Love, Hannah



Follow Me!

I am probably the last t-girl in the world to download the Instagram app but I FINALLY did it last week.  I am LOVING the different filters and effects that can modify a picture.  You can do some pretty cool things to pictures…and they can also minimize some flaws, too!  Is that cheating?  😉

Here are some of the pictures I’ve posted:


If you have an account, you can find me by searching “misshannahgotta”.  I have posting pictures there for the last few days.

You can ‘Follow’ and see my latest pictures, I plan on posting photos there a lot more than on my blog or Flickr page.  If you have an account, let me know!  I’ll Follow you!

Love, Hannah