Crossdressing in Minnesota

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There are two wonderful groups for crossdressers and transgendered in the Twin Cities.  I’ve been frequenting CLCC off and on for the past few months.  Minneapolis also has a local Tri-Ess chapter that I has meetings but I have never been to one.

I am putting together a new group for crossdressers in Minnesota.  The plan is to meet once a month and have fun!  Going shopping, having lunch, getting our nails done, visiting a museum, going to a movie…the idea would be to so social activities and get out into the real world!

As a crossdresser, I was nervous the first time I went out…but I have been out in the evening and during the day.  I’ve gone for coffee, for lunch, for a drink…I’ve gone shopping and have had a lot of fun!  I’ve never had a negative experience or heard anything mean.

Whether you hit the town on a regular basis or never been out of the house, please come!  It’ll be more fun in a group!

I am looking at mid-November for our first social outing.  If you are interested, please email me at and let me know!

Love, Hannah

7 thoughts on “Crossdressing in Minnesota

  1. I think that organizing around socializing is a great idea. Over the years I have been to a few Tri-Ess style meetings and while they are very nice and informational and to a certain extent affirming they do tend to be a bunch of Ts sitting around in a safe place talking and that is about it. I have found then a bit banal and boring. One group does regular runs to a Dress Barn at closing time where the store is kept open for an extra hour to allow us to shop.

    I think that more of us just want to be able to go out and about and feel safe. One girl, Amanda, has take over a weekly T party started by Karolyn. It was known as Karolyns Oasis and is now known as Amanda’s Hideaway. Every Saturday night there is a group of T people from across the T spectrum that goes to this bar to listen to music, hang out and play a little pool. She may have the occasional theme night such as “Boots night”, “Red dress night”, various holiday theme parties, etc. I am not the greatest pool player and unlikely to be confused with Minnesota Fats with a cue in my hand but my last time there I had a lucky run at “8” ball and finally had to give my cue stick up to get a drink and rest my feet.

    Tiffany as put together a meet up group at Tiffany has been running monthly T parties at Triangles Cafe in Danbury Ct. for 7-8 years. She has a different theme each month. It is not uncommon for her to get over 100 Ts on her monthly Saturday party. I have only been to a couple of her parties but I do get over to Triangles on a midweek night every now and then for a beer or two just because it is a “T” friendly place to socialize. I stopped by last night and there was one other T along with the regular crowd.

    Another T, Jennifer Bryant of Phila. has regular parties at the Raven Restaurant in New Hope, Pa. Folks arrive for dinner in a very nice restaurant and then continue the party at the bar, dance floor, piano room, etc.

    Another example that you may look to would be in Susan Miller’s blog, ( Susan Miller seems to have a group out in Portland that gets together on a regular basis.

    I would think that with the internet connecting us in so many ways that it may be possible for you to start a group that gets together on a monthly basis at a safe place to eat, drink and socialize.
    Good luck.

    • Wow, Pat! Thank you for the suggestions and tips. This advice is priceless!
      These gatherings sound like a lot of fun, but will likely require a pretty large group. If my group catches on, I’m using some of these ideas!

      Love, Hannah

  2. I think you can start small. I go to a few T friendly bars from time to time. If I were more out of the closet or had a wife who was more accepting or were not so big, fat and old or were not concerned with my standing in the community as my guy self I would try to get something going where I live. (Do you think that I have cobbled together enough lame excuses to pardon my own lack of action?)

    If there is a T friendly bar or better yet a tavern or bar and grill that you can go to and be accepted and respected as a T person it may be of interest to the owner for you to start to have your meetups at his place. Every bar owner wants another seat at the bar filled by a patron. I doubt that they care if that patron is an attractive female looking guy in a dress.

    Last night I put on a brown and white patterned nylon shift dress, brown heels, beige hose and went for a few drinks at an LGBT place that I get to every few weeks. This bar does Wednesday Drag Bingo and Thursday Karaoke. I am sure that he would be happy to add “T Tuesdays” if I could pull together even a half dozen regulars.

    If you find a place that you can go for gathering for a drink or two then you can branch out from there. For example if you did one night a month where there was a bar that was expecting you and and your group to come by at 8 PM you could do an activity prior to that time for those interested such as a group dinner (either in a public restaurant, private club or someone house) or a shopping venture or movie, whatever.

    Good luck and if I ever get back to the twin cities I will call you. The last time I was there you were likely riding a tricycle.


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