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Ask Hannah!

My questions are: How did you feel and how did you conquer those feelings of going out in public?

I had gone out in public a few times at night to a GLBT-friendly bar and…it was wonderful.  No one looked at me funny, no one said anything, it was amazing.  True, it was night and I was at a bar that was famous for their drag shows, but still, it gave me the confidence to go out again.  Confidence is a big part of it.  I have done my own make up again and again for a long time before I perfected it.  I sought out advice and criticism and used that to improve my look.  Once I was confident in my appearance, it made going out that much easier.

The first time I went out during the day, I had brought in a dress to get altered.  As I drove to the dress shop and chatted with the clerk, I felt happy and empowered.  It was addicting.  And I’ve never looked back.

Did you start going by yourself or do you go with someone else?

The first time I went out, I met a friend at the bar I mentioned in the previous question.  It was a friend I met through the forums on  Knowing someone was there waiting for me made it hard to back out.  These days I go out solo or meet with up with the MN T-Girls.

What are the reactions of people around you?

Some people take a second look, but for the most part I am met with smiles and kind words.  I’ve never had a rude remark or a mean sales clerk.  When I act like a lady, I am treated as such.  Again, confidence is key as to how people will react to me.
Have you ever run into anyone while out that doesn’t know about Hannah?  If so, how did things go?  How did you handle things?

Not yet!  I hope it doesn’t happen.  I avoid places where I will likely run into people I know, and I look a LOT different as Hannah.  Maybe I am naive, but I don’t think people will recognize me.  Also, people rarely look very long at each other when you pass by them at the mall, so that helps.

Do you and your wife shop together as girlfriends?

Not yet!