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Ask Hannah!

how much of your body do you keep shaven and how often do you shave thanks

3I am not a fan of body hair.  I have always hated body hair.  I shave all of it and have been doing so for a number of years.  I was a little nervous about shaving the parts that people can see, such as my arms and legs, but no one has said anything or looked at me in a strange way.  I run and swim a lot, and on the very rare occasion someone has asked me about my arms or legs I have a reason to do this.  But no one does.

I hate shaving.  I do.  But I love the results.  I hate shaving my fingers, for 4goodness’ sake.  But I work out and I run and I use the Stairmaster and I am very proud of my legs.  I know this sounds very conceited but I think I have fabulous legs.  I love showing them off.  I love wearing a skirt or a dress and pairing them with nude stockings.  

I shave at least once a week.  I shave the day before I dress up.  I start with shaving my arms.  For my arms and hands I use “boy” shaving cream and a Mach 5 razor from Gillette,  For my chest I use Veet.  It is kind of stinky but it works really well.  For my legs I use a Venus razor.  The whole process takes about 45 minutes from start to finish. 

It is frustrating to go through all this trouble and have the signs of regrowth in less than a day, but until I can afford laser hair removal (or someone feels generous) I’ll be sticking with this routine.

Love, Hannah