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Ask Hannah!

You are a very pretty woman.  I am a crossdresser and I live in Missouri can you tell me of any place I can go and get transformed into a pretty woman this is something I need to do really bad I have been a crossdresser most of my life and have been married for 40 years and my wife doesn’t wear makeup and isn’t good at it. So I need to go somewhere and get a makeover can you please help me?

Thank you,


Thank for the question and for the compliment.  I didn’t always look this nice, like anything in life, I had to learn.

Look at these two pictures, taken less than two years apart:

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For a long time, I had fantasized that one day there would be a boutique at the mall where a boy could go and get a new wardrobe and a makeover and leave as a beautiful girl.  There likely won’t be a salon like that any time soon at the local mall.  Places like that *do* exist, such as Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls but places like this, although amazing, tend to be expensive, especially for those who don’t live in New York.

As I grow older, I am less interested in ‘changing from boy to girl’ but rather…just being a girl.  I used to worry about hiding my adam’s apple or shopping for expensive body shapers.  These days I am more comfortable just dressing and shopping like a ‘real’ girl.  I don’t buy women’s dresses that are designed for a man, I just buy a dress.  There are places online where one can purchase clothes like that, but in my experience they tend to be cheap and overpriced.  I used to buy panties that were designed for men (because let’s face it, we have different anatomy) but now I wear exclusively Victoria’s Secret.  Panties designed for men just…miss the point, I think.  I also don’t buy make up that is designed for men.  Rather I just buy cosmetics that meet my needs.  I buy a heavier foundation due to my beard line.  In my opinion, there aren’t men’s clothes or women’s clothes.  They’re just clothes.

But I digress.

Shopping for clothes and make up is scary…the first time.  We can’t do this alone.  Well, I suppose you could run out to Target and buy a lot of make up and watch youtube tutorials and learn it on your own (and there are some amazing videos out there) but I prefer talking to the experts.  When I started, I went to a department store and quickly darted around the dress department and purchase something that I hoped to God would fit.  I’d make a point at the check out that I was buying this for my girlfriend.  I never thought I’d be strutting around the mall in heels someday…

I did get tired of buying dresses that didn’t fit right.  So finally I just put on my big girl panties and asked a clerk for help.

“Hi, I’m looking for a skirt”.

“Is this for yourself or for someone else?”

I was blown away by this exchange.  The clerk helped me pick out a cute skirt that was my size and matched it with the perfect blouse.  I was comfortable and relaxed and chatted with her for a bit.  She assured me that men come in and ask for help all the time.  Considering there are so many men that crossdress, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by this.  After this trip, I had a better time shopping for myself as I knew my correct size.  The more I shopped for myself, the more comfortable and normal it became.

Make up is a different story.  I had the help of my wife in the early days, but a trip to a make up specialty store was like going to school.  I had the same experience shopping for make up as I did for clothing.  I asked the salesgirl if she could recommend a foundation…and it went from there.  I know my shades, I know my colors.  Knowing my shades and clothing sizes had boosted my confidence as I am finally wearing clothes that fit and make up that is perfect for my skin and features.

unnamedIf you want a make over, it’s as simple and hard as calling a salon and scheduling one.  Whenever I have a make over, the cosmetologist always asks what look I am going for.  I went out for dinner a couple months ago and scheduled a makeover before my reservation.  She asked what I wanted and what my plans were.  I told her I was going to dinner with friends and she worked her magic.  A perfect look for dining with friends.  My most recent makeover was a Christmas party and wanted to glam it up, and she gave me a smokey eye look and bold lips.  I love the look!  make over 3 2

I get my make up and my makeovers at Ulta.  I’ve had nothing but positive experiences there.  And like every department store and cosmetic shop, they are used to helping girls like us.  Most places even train their staff.  And you’re in luck!  There are Ulta locations in Missouri.

I hope this helps!

Love, Hannah

Merry Christmas!

I know this is a little late, but I wanted to show off the dress my wife gave me for Christmas.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Love, Hannah

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