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Polka Dot Problems

14I bought a new polka dot dress the other day so I could wear these super cute heels.

I think it’s a cute dress but not as cute as my other polka dot dress.  However I think the new dress is more appropriate for a girl my age.

What do you think?  The new dress is on the left and the other dress is on the right.  I love dresses that show off my legs.  I don’t want all those hours on the stairmaster to go to waste, after all.  But a dress and a skirt need to pass the bend at the waist test.  If I bend over, the back can’t reveal what color my panties are, you know?  Same with bending forward…if the neckline drapes down and you can see my bra, then it’s a little too low cut.  When I was younger I didn’t have these little tests, but I try to keep it classy.  The dress on the right is a perfect dress provided I don’t sit or do anything but stand.

Love, Hannah

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Ask Hannah!

 A bit personal– tucking? Tips, tricks, advice.  I can’t even begin to think about sitting down this way!
Thanks 🙂



It’s amazing what a good pair of nylons can do

You know, I’ve had this blog for about two and a half years, and I’ve been wondering when I would get this question.  For those of you who’ve not heard of tucking, it’s the method of…ah…well, I’ll just say it, it’s pushing a penis down between your legs to create a smoother shape when wearing a dress or skirt.  And yes, it’s as uncomfortable as it sounds,

Anyway, tucking is, for me anyway, much ado about nothing.  What I mean is that I don’t think my lower anatomy gives me away.  What gives me away are my hands and shoulders and height.  There are undergarments that some wear to minimize the appearance of a penis.  Gaffs as well as dancer’s belts are pretty common but unless you are dressing as a Las Vegas show girl, wearing latex or doing a lingerie photo shoot or are REALLY excited about that new pencil skirt you scored, I am not convinced they are necessary.  I think a good pair of panties and stockings also do a sufficient job of smoothing out the area.

I don’t think about this very much, though.  My gender identification and my anatomy have very to do with each other.

But of course all t-girls and crossdressers have their own opinions about this, and I’m sure this question will have a lot of comments!

Love, Hannah