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Ask Hannah!

The obligatory behind the wheel picture

The obligatory behind the wheel picture

I love your blog and follow it every day. You are so inspirational (and cute). One thing you have mentioned is that you are not “out” to most people. I am the same and yet would love to go out as Linda. I am wondering how you get dressed and then leave the house without having your neighbors watching you. It’s something I have not figured out how to do yet.  How do you handle it.  Would welcome your advice.


Before I start getting ready I’ll check outside to see if anyone is out.  If the weather is cold or rainy, there usually isn’t anyone outdoors.  I’ll keep checking as I continue getting ready and once more before I head out.  If people are outside and they can see me pull out of my garage or drive past them, I’ll wait.  Crossdressers are used to having to be patient.  The way my house is built I am able to see what is happening in front of my garage as well as most of the neighbors’.  If the coast is clear, I’ll drive out of my garage and head to my next adventure.