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Ask Hannah!

I don’t have much experience, but curious to know how hot you get wearing your make up in the summer. Do you sweat through the foundation and concealer? And if so, how do you handle when out in public.  -Gabby


Perfect for a winter day!


I love wearing this dress when the weather gets warm!

I love being living in Minnesota.  As a t-girl, it allows me to enjoy all four seasons and every season’s fashions.

I love wearing a sweater dress and knee high boots in the winter, and I love a fun spring dress on a May afternoon.  But there are drawbacks to the seasons, particularly the summer heat and make up.

As a t-girl, I can’t go without make up.  Myself, I wear three layers of foundation.  I wear two to specifically cover my beard line, and then a final layer to cover the rest of my face and to even out the other two.  This process takes a while but I can’t argue with results.  I also have a little color correcting and I can’t go without Smashbox’s Foundation Primer.

If I am going out on a hot day, I make sure that I have the air conditioning on when I do my make up.  Trying to do your foundation while you are sweating isn’t easy and it isn’t fun.

After turning on the air, start with your primer.  You should be using a primer anyway, especially if you are planning on being in girl mode for a while.  Primer helps keep the foundation on your face and it helps keep it consistent.  I also use a primer (also from Smashbox) on my eyelids before I apply my eyeshadow and liner.  I also use the same primer on my lips before my lipstick.  If you can get away with wearing less make up than normal, then do that.  With such dark hair, I can’t go without the multiple layers of foundation.  For those of you blessed with a thinner or lighter beard line, try a little less foundation.

If you can, use waterproof make up.  This helps for obvious reasons.  At a minimum, use waterproof mascara.

I always keep my finishing powder in my purse which is perfect for touch ups when I am sweating a little.  If you do sweat, first blot (don’t wipe!) the sweat from your face, then apply the powder.  Remember, foundation in a way is like wet paint.  You can easily smear it if you wipe or rub it.  Blot and dab, girls.

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I’ve got that red lip classic thing that you like


Rockin’ the Kylie Jenner lip look

I also change up my look a little in the warmer weather.  I really, really like bringing attention to my eyes and lips.  When the weather is a little cooler, I love thicker eyeliner, darker eyeshadow and brighter lips.  Normally you should choose which feature you want to highlight, though.  For some, it’s either lips OR eyes.  I ignore this suggestion but I think I can pull it off.

During the warmer months, I will go for a more natural look, especially if I am out for the day.  I use lighter eyeshadow and a more subtle lip color.

I hope this helps!  Enjoy the weather!  Remember, summer isn’t all bad, there are a lot of cute summer dresses to wear!

Love, Hannah