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Christmas Shopping!


Thanksgiving doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving anymore these days…it feels like the first day of Christmas.  Stores are all decked out in holiday decorations, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go and here in Minneapolis we received our first (albeit tiny) snowfall.  All of this is getting me excited for the holidays so I decided to hit the stores yesterday and get into the holiday spirit!

I made plans with two members of the MN T-Girls to go shopping at two different parts of the Twin Cities.  Before I met up with Angela, I drove out to Southdale Mall in Edina.  I wasn’t nervous at all going to one of the biggest malls in the area on the busiest shopping weekend of the year.  Everyone was so nice and friendly and in the holiday spirit. I walked around the mall for a while and then checked in for my makeover appointment at MAC in Macys.  I’ve had one other makeover with MAC and was excited for another one!  My make up artist was 2wonderful and did an amazing job.  I spent an hour with him as he showed me different products and techniques.  It’s amazing the variety of make up and brushes a make up artist can use on one person.   I picked up some new foundation primer, new lip liner and a new eyebrow pencil.  I recommend using primer if you are a t-girl.  The primer helps hold the foundation in place and is essential if you are going to be out all day.  I find that the coverage is essential so those annoying little whiskers don’t show as they to grow back.3


Did I obey the sign and buy the dress?  Stay tuned…

After my makeover it was time to meet up with Angela.  She and I went to Dress Barn to shop for holiday dresses for the Christmas Party the MN T-Girls are having in two weeks.  I totally heart Dress Barn.  We went to the Southtown Center in Bloomington location.  This was so fun.  The staff was amazing, they helped us with outfit recommendations, matching a skirt with a top and the right sizes.  They went out of their way to make two t-girls feel welcome and beautiful.  I almost always have a great experience shopping but this was above and beyond.

Angela and I left Dress Barn and met up with Jennifer to do some shopping at the shops on the corner of 50th and France.  I love this neighborhood…cute boutiques, wonderful restaurants and very friendly people.  I wish we had gotten there earlier to do more browsing but we were able to find some accessories for Angela’s new outfit.

It was a wonderful way to spend the day and to kick off the holidays!

Love, Hannah



Ask Hannah!


The face of a crossdresser

To be honest, I have no questions.  I just wanted to thank you for being “out there” for those of us who aren’t “out” yet.  I also wanted to let you know I love your site and check it for updates all of the time!  You’re a real role model for all of us T-girls and I really appreciate all you do for us.





Thank you very much!  What a nice note!

I get a little shy when people tell me that I am a role model and have inspired them.  I love helping people and I am very happy when someone says that I helped them come out, accept who they are or gave them courage to leave their house for the first time.  I didn’t intend to inspire people when I started my blog.  The idea behind my diary was to portray crossdressing in a positive, fun and normal light.  I also wanted to talk about things that we all deal with, whether it’s looking for heels that fit, trying to apply eyeliner or coming our (or not coming out) to people in our lives.  I wanted to change the face of crossdressing.  I wanted to change what people thought of when they saw a crossdresser.

My first day of college was a long time ago, and the campus library had a few computers that were online.  Of course the first thing I searched for was ‘crossdressing’.  This was my first step into our world and wanted to read about others like me.  I was shocked what I found.  Almost every site was sexual.  Were all crossdressers perverts?  Was crossdressing a fetish?  Was there something wrong with me?  Sadly searching ‘crossdressing’ these days doesn’t yield results that are that different today.  In those days my crossdressing was pretty much limited to panties.  It was really all I felt I could get away with.  Growing up I lived with my mom, two sisters and my brother.  Family members were always coming and going and I never knew if I had time to dress up or rummage through my sisters’ closets,  Buying other clothes and hiding a second wardrobe wasn’t realistic in my house either, but I could easily wear a pair of panties under my clothes.  It wasn’t until I moved out when I was 20 when my wardrobe started to expand.  I was buying heels, skirts and blouses.  I mostly still stuck with panties and lingerie at this time.  Of course, I purged them after a short while, I was terrified my very religious girlfriend would find them.  However, after falling in love with dresses and heels, I knew that this was more than a fetish.

As I got older, I still wanted to connect with others like me…I wanted to see if there were any others who loved being beautiful and not just dressing up because it was a turn on for them.  The internet had evolved (in a way) and crossdressing sites were easier to find, but almost all of them had pictures of men wearing thongs that didn’t fit or naked pre-op transgirls.  It wasn’t difficult to think that this was still a very sexual thing.  However, I did find a few sites that talked about crossdressing in a very classy way.  Girls like me who just wanted to beautiful.  Girls who talked about actually leaving the house.  They talked about how to buy clothes that fit, how to apply make up over a five 0’clock shadow.  They talked about how to be beautiful.  I never thought anything was “wrong” with me because I was a crossdresser but did feel that I was a crossdresser that wasn’t like other crossdressers.  Finding others like me was a wonderful moment.

I wanted to help fight change the face of crossdressing.  I wanted to talk about my experiences and create a site that portrayed us as girls who just wanted to be beautiful, girls who loved to dress up and hit the mall.  I wanted to talk about how crossdressing and my marriage, although it wasn’t easy at first, was able to work.  When I came out to my wife, she also searched ‘crossdressing’ online and was scared of what she found…she also found the same pictures I did, people who sexualized crossdressing, but also stories of men cheating on their wives.  What she found wasn’t reassuring.  I didn’t blame her for her fears.  I wanted to show how we made crossdressing work in our marriage.  Not only did I want to show crossdressing in a positive light, but I also wanted to help other women like my wife through this.  I wanted to help bring people together in all this and show how through being honest with each other and communicating about crossdressing can possibly make a relationship stronger.  I don’t think coming out as a crossdresser will save anyone’s relationship but being open and talking and loving each other can.

Granted, my goals were very grandiose and ambitious but I still set out to try.  I also wanted to see how long I could maintain a website.  Many blogs I found weren’t updated very often, if at all.    I’ve had my blog for over three years yet and I don’t see myself stopping soon.

Love, Hannah