8 thoughts on “February 20 2016

  1. Amen Hannah … my community is embroiled in a political struggle overy trans rights. We all need to remember that we are all representatives of our community, especially out in public.

  2. Here in Europe the right-wing is also gaining support, but largely the fear and hate is directed towards refugees at the moment. Trans understanding is still progressing, I would say, at least in the countries where LGBT rights are already fairly well developed. However, especially many eastern Europe countries still are fairly transphobic and some nations, like Hungary and Poland, seem to be even regressing. Russia is straight out medeival in these matters.
    So a lot of work remains. We cannot let “the dark side” take charge again.

  3. It is indeed sad that those who do not care to understand (or show downright hatred of) the trans community — if not the LGBT community as a whole — are using a bullhorn to spread their hate. We are not monsters, obviously, and if we stay strong, positive, and united as a community, then we can drown out any bigot’s bullhorn.

  4. I think Hannah nailed it in her post where she said its so hard to even explain transgender. I can’t see it or touch it myself, nor can my many therapists, and yet I know it’s a fundamental part of me. And hearing from so many others around the globe who share or overlap my experience and feelings underscores the correctness of my judgment. So I know I am what I am

    And yet the other day I considered telling a couple of male friends I realized that I could not. I was too sure we would get into a debate, trying to establish an objective determination when all we have is subjective. So I didn’t mention it, the risk of rejection is too high.

    So with all that I can well imagine cisgender people just not comprehending. No that doesn’t justify their hate or repression whatsoever. I think it points to our situation sharing some aspects of what gays and lesbians faced. They knew their sexuality was real for them and not a choice. They had to rise up and be seen for what they are. Decent and wonderful people whose sexuality is toward their same sex.

    Now, I am not ever presenting en femme in public and I don’t know if I ever will. But I heard that at the end of March is an International Day of Transgender Visibility and I assume there will be some gatherings in SF or San Jose. I plan on attending.


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  6. If the first reaction that someone has to a person who disagrees with them is to call them a hater then further communication is often hard. I find being nice to others makes it easier to explain almost anything.

  7. Nobody really explains how WE become Transgender and the Following I posted to a Minnesota site The Column. Hope there is value in the comment. Chloe’

    When is someone going to teach the Ignorant present American society of how people become Transgender. Of the religious ones, Christians as well as Muslims, are just following false information, against the medical communities present thirty plus years of scientific studies. The Christians are basically following the false information of the present and past Popes. Their information is based on false information given to Pope Benedict by a documented Transgender hater, Mr. Paul McHugh, a retired Psychologist from Johns Hopkins, who has no Transgender training, and has never done any Transgender studies or research, except follow the Catholic line on their theories of transgender. The present Pope Francis, should go down in history as the Killer Pope because of the words he uses to describe US, as Nuclear weapons, and Abominations, to seek the surgeries, necessarily proven to help US live better lives. By his obfuscating the Truth of our Birth Anomaly, and condemning US, Brazil, a mainly Christian country, kills over a hundred of Transgender people yearly, in the most horrendous ways, based on their preachings. To be Transgender is a simple Birth Anomaly that happens in the first few weeks of pregnancy, when we are all prototypical females. When the hormone signals come around the eighteen week period when the body is to be given either male or female bodies, we Transgender still have the female programed brain, yet with a male body. These ideas have been studied, and shown to be the cause by modern science. We trans do have the Brains that a scientist calls Intersex, they do when studied, are either masculine or feminine, and match what they say they are. The Pope is not following Christ’s, Love your neighbor as yourself statement, and placing himself above God to not accept our bodies as God made US in His/Her Image.
    Education is necessary from scientific entities to get these points across to our Ignorant society and stop the suicides and the false Bathroom Myth that the fear mongering Republicans started. Whenever in history you want to get back at an enemy you create fear. An example is the fact that you live in an electrical world today. Back when it was New, Mr. Edison was in competition with Mr. Westinghouse. Edison used a DC system that could not deliver power for just a few blocks distance. Mr Westinghouse had the system we use today, AC electricity, so it could be sent anywhere. If you were to go back there when this was being contested, Mr. Edison did everything he could to create Fear, in the public’s mind, that never existed. People were smarter then to see the value of the choice. You would think in this day of google, and libraries people would show more education on a subject such as the “Bathroom Myth” of the Republicans which is really a solution for a non extant problem, making the people that believe it ASSUMER’S. The definition of an assumer is to be pretentious, presumptuous, arrogant, and based without proof of any kind. How educated is one, to base their knowledge, on something without Proof????

    This is the time to really be your true self. What have we to be ashamed of, or be afraid of??
    A Real President once said: The only thing to fear is fear itself. Lets start to reuse that motto again, and make it our motto for the next four years.


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