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Ask Hannah!

Have you ever considered adding video content to your blog? I think appearance is great but what helps the illusion is mannerisms and comportment– how you walk in heels, how you cross your legs, and move your body etc. Heidi Phox has some great videos, for example.

Watching these movements from a cisgender woman is great, but observing a TG woman is better as you need to always be “in the moment”. I’m sure that is incredibly hard to do. Does this ever make you feel like an actor/actress?

I can’t say I’ve given it a lot of thought.  I think adding video would require more time and resources than I have to do video well.  Heidi does have some great videos and in watching them, I am not sure I have much to say that she hasn’t already said in a better way than I could.

But you bring up a good point about mannerisms and movement.  I took to walking in heels and crossing my legs very naturally.  I think heels naturally lend you to a different way to walk and when you wear a dress or a skirt it feels normal to cross your legs without having to think about it.  I think when you’re dressed you tend to listen to your body a little more and are a little more tuned in to what feels “right”.  Walking and moving with confidence, even if you have to fake it, is the best way to move in a more natural, strong way.

I also don’t think I try to create an illusion.  I don’t try to pass and I really think the whole idea of passing is a little silly and unrealistic.  I just try to look the best I can, be as confident as I can and somehow, everything just naturally falls into place.  The most important thing is to be comfortable and everything else just comes together.

Love, Hannah