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Hi everyone!

I know it’s been super quiet around here lately and there hasn’t been much on the site other than the daily posts.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a new ‘Ask Hannah’ or any of the other features the site has.  The reason is that after four years of blogging I feel it’s time for a fresh start and to make a change.

Next week is the four year anniversary of ‘Hannah’s Diary’ and over the past four years I’ve really grown, matured and evolved and learned a lot about myself and the trans world.  I can’t believe how different I look and how the site has grown.  The site started as a way to get some thoughts out of my head and to see if anyone else felt the way I felt or thought the things I thought.  I knew there were countless others like myself and I really wanted to have a site that celebrated who we are.  I wanted to talk about how the joy of finding high heels that fit as well as about the fear of going out for the first time.  Over the years I have met some amazing people, whether they were other bloggers, members of the MN T-Girls or the hundreds of visitors the site has each and every day.

Maintaining the site is a lot of work and I do it because people keep emailing, keep commenting, keep relating to what I write about about and keep visiting.  I truly love, value and appreciate every visitor, every comment, every email, every compliment, every criticism and everything else.  Thank you.

As the site has grown, I’ve become more interested in trans culture as a whole, helping others and representing transgirls in a positive way.  I’ve also grown as t-girl.  When I started the blog, I had never left the house and these days I organize events for the MN T-Girls and somehow landed a modeling opportunity.  I can’t  believe how much life has changed in four years.

As I’ve grown, the site has grown, too.  I’ve added the ‘Ask Hannah’ section, information about support groups and trans-related news items.  The site has been kind of cobbled together over the years and I decided to celebrate the anniversary with a brand new, built from the ground up website that will launch on September 23rd, one week from today.  This site will have the last post on Thursday, September 22nd, four years to the day of the site originally starting.  This site will no longer be updated.  Instead, I will be blogging at a brand new site starting in one week.

The new site will feature more advice, more activism, more resources, more news. The new site will not, however, have the daily illustrated posts that I’ve been doing every day for four years.  The new site will be updated frequently but I don’t think it will be every day.  I do plan on being more active on the site and responding to more comments.  I am going to need more content for the site, so please feel free to send an ‘Ask Hannah’ my way.  If you’ve sent one in the last month or so please know I have received it and will be posting it on the new blog.  The new blog will also have more resources for those that live in, or visit, Minnesota.  If there’s a trans-support group that you know of even just a friendly store that is trans-friendly, let me know.

I’ve been building the site in secret for a month or so, and I will be posting the link to it when it goes live in one week.  If you subscribe to my blog, thank you!  I hope you will subscribe to the new blog.

I am excited about the new blog and I think you will like it.

For everyone who has visited and commented on this site, all I can say is THANK YOU.  Your support, thoughts, comments, advice and encouragement has meant the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough for everything.  I hope you will read the new blog when it starts.

Love, Hannah


17 thoughts on “Site News!

  1. And thank you for your commitment for the last 4 years of daily adding to your blog. I was really impressed when I first found it and enjoyed your humour, advise and outlook. I look forward to checking out the new blog.

  2. I can’t wait for the new site. Over the years you have been a great inspiration to me and helped me deal with the insecurities I felt about going out and interacting with others as Melanie. Your upbeat and playful approach to the subject of cross dressing has been very refreshing–not to mention very true to life. Your thoughts, feelings and misgivings were presented in a way that I could really relate to. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you. At the same time, you have helped me to learn to accept who I am, to get to “know” myself as a whole person and embrace Melanie as the woman that has been hidden for so long. Thanks for a great four years. Melanie in WI.

  3. I’ve enjoyed following you blog for the past few years, as I’ve coped with accepting myself for who I am. Thank you for your contribution, sharing your journey and your insight with us, and good luck with the next phase. I wish you continued success and happiness.


  4. This news is bittersweet to be honest… So many T-Girl websites I visit have such an irregular posting frequency (four posts in a week, and then silence for six months) and I’ve always loved knowing that each and every day you post something new… It feels like you’ve invited so many of us into your journey! But that takes an insane amount of work to make happen and I hope this new site will be a great resource to all of us! I’m going to miss this site, but all good things must come to an end. Here’s to a new beginning!

  5. Hum mm? Good luck with your venture, It’s probably time to reconsider the sincerity of living in a world that allows individual style, employment and relationships without being being labeled queer. As some go forward some close the door once again. Bless you all and Hanna for offering some day light. To bad there’s not a app to change the world. KC.

  6. Fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this for us. Thank you for your leadership and courage in the local trans community. As a closeted girl I watch from the sidelines, but celebrate every step you’ve taken. Very much look forward to the new site–hope there will be some illustrations from time-to-time :-). Nancy

  7. Hanna,
    Thank you. So much for maintaining this blog. I read your comments every day and it helps me cope with my own journey as a Tgirl. I only wish I cold be as beautiful as you one day.

  8. Hello, and congratulations on your progress so far, and thank you for doing, and being Hannah!!!!!!!!!!! So you have a modeling offer, or job if I understand you correctly? Take care, and Thank You again Hannah!!!!!!!!

  9. We feel we know you so well Hannah, reading your daily dose of wisdom or whimsy.
    Thank you so much for all that effort and I hope your new endeavors are successful and fulfilling.
    I have one of your pictures framed on the wall of my workshop where it will long stay; an affirmation of Geraldine in a life where I do not dress. No pressure here my girl, but I think a lot of your followers live vicariously through you and your daily quotes.
    Thank you again Hannah. Will follow your new site with enthusiasm.

  10. Hi Hannah. Just want to let you know that I love reading your daily messages. Like many others I am rarely able to let Linda out of the closet. You have allowed me to be my feminine self a little each day and l thank you so much for that. Looking forward to your new blog, and I hope some of your wonderful illustrations of Hannah are included. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Love Linda.

  11. Thanks for the update and for all of your hard work over the past four years.
    Wishing you all the best with the new site!
    A very exciting development and I trust that you continue to share all of your compassion and insights with our online and in real-life community.
    One request:
    PLEASE share the occasional cartoon and drawings!
    Your art adds special wisdom and humor to our challenges, dilemmas, successes and joy.

  12. Many thanks for the daily illustrated posts: I’ve wondered how long it must take each day for you to create them and marvelled at how long you’ve been doing it. Will follow the new site, and I wish you well as Hannah’s life develops. xx

  13. Thank you, Hannah, for your wonderful words and illustrations of insight, humor, and encouragement. You definitely put a lot of positive effort into every post, each one inspiring those who have read and enjoyed them. They have definitely made us smile, but they have also reminded the world that, through your two-dimensional drawings, crosssdressers and others in the wide-ranging trans community are fully three-dimensional people, with everyday thoughts and hopes, as well as broad feelings from doubt to courage to confidence. May you have great success on your new site, and may you continue to inspire us with your thoughts and guidance and your positive attitude. And, yes, here’s hoping that the illustrated Hannah will make an appearance every now and again (she really is cute). Good luck!

  14. I have loved your illustrated blog so much, with all its truths and apt pictures. I shall definitely follow you on your new one. Thanks for your honesty and efforts to tell it like it is. Sue x

  15. Hannah, what made your blog so unique and why i have followed it daily for several years was your ability to distill one thought or aspect of our lifestyle and its challenges into 2 or 3 sentences and a simple cute cartoon I looked forward to every day. While i will continue to follow you, please dont morph into “just another TG / CD website” . Love ya Hannah

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