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Ask Hannah!

I am an older CD picking up the life style later in life. You are beautiful by the way! I am looking for a CD friendly makeover artist in the Twin Cities. You you have any suggestions?

I think the Twin Cities are extremely friendly to our community.  I’ve gotten makeovers at three different places in the last two years or so.

My go-to makeover place is Ulta.  I’ve gotten probably a dozen makeovers at Ulta over the last year or so.


I also visited MAC a couple times.  MAC stores are usually found in different Macy’s locations.  Macy’s and MAC are both VERY GLBT friendly.


Earlier this year I had a makeover at Cos Bar in Edina.  I loved it!

..and after!

Three wonderful options and I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time.  There is also a full transformation service called La Femme Mystique.  I’ve spoken to a few t-girls who’ve been there and had a lovely time.

If you’re in the Twin Cities, have you considered joining the MN T-Girls?

Love, Hannah