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T-Girls and Shopping!

The MN T-Girls had our monthly outing yesterday and we got to spend the day doing what T-Girls love to do…shop!


Our fabulous host Alyssa

But this wasn’t your typical night of hitting the mall, we had a LuLaRoe party!  A LuLaRoe party is hosted by a LuLaRoe consultant who brings all kinds of clothes to a home and the guests can shop, try on clothes, put together new outfits, drink wine and buy new clothes from the comfort of a home.  Think of it as a Pampered Chef or Tupperware party but for clothes.  MN T-Girl Natalie was kind enough to host about a half dozen MN T-Girl and our consultant was Alyssa who brought a ton of clothes for us to try on and add to our wardrobe…everything from leggings to dresses to skirts.  It was such a fun night!

I picked up two new dresses and I can’t wait to wear them.  Thank you to Alyssa and Natalie and to all the T-Girls who made the night a success!  If you’re interested in hosting a party, please reach out to Alyssa through her Facebook page!

Love, Hannah



When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown..

Last night was the monthly outing for the MN T-Girls and what a beautiful night for it.  I always love exploring downtown Minneapolis in the summer and I think a perfect Saturday involves shopping and then meeting friends for dinner…and that’s exactly what happened!

The night started with me getting ready.  My new hair showed up the day before and I was excited to dress up.  I decided to go back to straight hair.  After almost a year of curly hair, I missed my old hairstyle.  I wore one of my favorite dresses and hit the town!

I got downtown a few hours before I was going to meet up with the group so I spent a few hours walking around the streets of downtown Minneapolis, shopping at the nice department stores and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

At 7pm, I met up with six members of the MN T-Girls for dinner at Union Restaurant.  It was a beautiful restaurant and had really delicious food.  The service was friendly and everyone treated us so well.

Everyone had a wonderful time just getting dressed up and being out on a beautiful summer night.  I can’t wait for next month’s adventure!



Coffee, Tea and T-Girls!

Yesterday was the monthly outing for the MN T-Girls, a social and support group for transwomen, t-girls and crossdressers in Minnesota and beyond!

After last month’s fabulous Pride Festival, I thought it would be fun to invite all the new T-Girls who joined the group at Pride to come and meet the other girls for some coffee and girl talk.  We met up at Cafe Southside in South Minneapolis for lunch and coffee.

Now that the group has surpassed 200 members, I was expecting a larger turnout but a sudden downpour kept many t-girls away.  I myself had a really fun summer dress and strappy heels picked out, but when the weather got cold and gloomy, I had to quickly re-think my outfit.


But the hectic wardrobe change and stormy weather was soon behind me and I had a lovely time with two new members and Erin, who has been coming to the outings for a while now.  Meeting new friends over coffee was a wonderful way to spend a rainy Saturday and I can’t wait for next month’s event!

Love, Hannah


Minneapolis PRIDE!

What an incredible, amazing, affirming two days!


The Minneapolis Pride celebrations was held this weekend and the MN T-Girls were there to talk about the group, to represent transgender people and to look fabulous.  It was a wonderful weekend and on a personal note, I felt so bolstered and loved and accepted these past two days.



The day started early.  I love waking up and getting dressed and doing my makeup while I have coffee and start my day.  By 6am I was looking good and ready to walk out the door!  Pride had many events over the weekend and even quite a few in the days leading up to the weekend but the T-Girls were going to be at the two day Pride Festival in a large park in Minneapolis.  I had no idea how crazy traffic was going to be so I made my way to the festival early.  I had a few errands to run before the day would begin but I got my start by going out for breakfast and then going shopping for some stuff for the day.  It was going to be hot and I needed to get some water to keep me hydrated.

After breakfast, I went to the grocery store and my excitement for the day just kept building.  I was feeling amazing in my new dress and couldn’t wait to get to Pride.  After shopping, I went to a cafe for one more coffee and to wait for the start of the festival.  I knew parking and traffic would be a nightmare so I parked my car in Uptown and called an Uber to take me there.  I love Uber and I was excited to take one as Hannah.  In case you’re wondering, Uber allows you to change your name when you request it so I could avoid accidentally outing myself when my ride came.  My Uber took me to the park and it was time to get started!

The festival was held at Loring Park and seeing all the tents and booths set up reminded me of a little village.  Fellow MN T-Girl Mari and I set up the tent (in heels, of course) and spent the next hour or so decorating it.  Mari has been to Pride many times as a member of other trans support groups and her experience, her enthusiasm and her spirit was amazing.  the T-Girls at Pride was a complete success and it was all thanks to Mari.  The booth looked AMAZING as we decked it out with as much pink (naturally) as we could.  I helped with wearing more pink.  That counts, right?


booth2As the day passed, Mari and I, along with T-Girl Liz talked to so many about being transgender, gender, the T-Girls and more.  We spoke to t-girls who were out of the house for the first time, we spoke with t-girls who were just about to start hormones, to t-girls who weren’t t-girls yet.  It was amazing to meet so many of us who were all at different points of their life and journey.  We spoke to people who wanted to learn more about trans etiquette, parents who have trans children, activists and allies.  We spoke to parents who wanted their young kids to know that everyone is different and how gender is more than just what most people say it is.  Mari also brought The Wheel of Fabulosity so people could find out how fabulous they were (or were not) with options of being everything from Absolutely Fabulous to Diva to Wallflower.  I was a Pretty Princess.  I knew that but it was good to have the wheel confirm it.

To all you t-girls out there, you have no idea how loved we are.  It was amazing to meet so many people who just wanted to understand the complexity of gender and what being trans really is.

Mari and I wrapped up the first day and I caught another Uber to my car and went home and absolutely collapsed.  After standing in 92 degree heat and wearing heels for 13 hours I was exhausted but excited for the next day.


It was another beautiful day but thankfully not as hot.  It was windy.  More on that in a second.  I woke up and like the day before, got ready for the day.  I really love waking and doing my makeup and getting ready right away.  I wore another new dress (with heels of course) and left for the festival.  I drove close to the park and like Saturday, caught another Uber to Pride.  Once there, I set up the tent and soon Mari showed up.

The festival got underway at 10am and Mari and I talked to everyone who wanted to learn more about being trans and of course, anyone who wanted to spin the wheel.  Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew our tent completely upside-down and the corner of it hit me on my head.  The corner of the metal legs cut me right above my eye and bruised the side of my face really badly.  Thankfully the corner JUST missed my eye and that it wasn’t worse than it was.  Some lovely people helped us straighten the tent but I quickly ran across the street to a coffee shop to clean up.  The leg took out a nickel sized piece of my skin right between my eye and eyebrow.  My face started to swell and I was pretty shaken up.

I went back to check on Mari and then walked over to the first aid tent.  Two very nice paramedics cleaned up the wound, told me I didn’t need stitches and sanitized the cut.  I was still very shaken and scared and relieved.  After the shock wore off I was a little heartbroken to see the face I spent so much time on to look my best for the big day bruised and bloodied and smudged.  Smudged makeup is a small price to pay for avoiding a massive eye injury, though.  I had brought some finishing powder which helped but not to cover the cut.

But the best thing a girl can wear on her face is a smile and I was determined to not it bother me.  I went back to the tent and smiled and hugged and laughed and educated and had a wonderful time.  I wish I had taken pictures of me in my new dress but I’m afraid I didn’t feel very photogenic after the tent hit my face.


Mid-afternoon T-Girl Danielle showed up and took my place at the booth.  It was time for me to leave and catch an Uber and head home to plan for next year.

It was a wonderful, beautiful, fun weekend.  I loved talking to people and listening to their stories and experiences and journeys.  We laughed and some people cried and some felt frustrated and lonely and elated.  Everyone was beautiful.

Thank you to Twin Cities Pride for an amazing two days.  Thank you to all the police and security guards who kept us safe.  Orlando was still on our minds.  Thank you to everyone who stopped and shared their stories.  Thank you to all the new MN T-Girls who joined the group.  Thank you to Mari, Liz and Danielle.  Thank you to the kind people who helped fix our tent and chased down the flyers that blew away in the wind. Thank you to the two medics who treated me like a princess as they helped with my gashed face.  Last but not least, thank you to MAC Prep + Prime Fix who helped keep my makeup from melting off in the heat.





MN T-Girls are Coming to Pride!

mn tgirls logoThis will be my first Twin Cities Pride weekend and I couldn’t be more excited and proud that the MN T-Girls will have a booth there.

There are many, many events happening over the course of June 25th and June 26th and the T-Girls can be found at the festival both days in Loring Park from 10am – 6pm.  We are booth P090 and if you look at the map below, you can get an idea as to where we are.  We’re in the purple section.  I wanted the pink section, but maybe next year. 😉


The T-Girls will be out talking to festival goers about the group, helping new members sign up and having fun and representing T-Girl pride!  If you’re going to Pride, come by and say hi, I’d love to meet you!

Love, Hannah


TAG! (Trans-Action Group)

I just heard about another trans social and support group in the Twin Cities called TAG, which stands for Trans-Action Group.  They meet every other Tuesday nights at Living Table Church in South Minneapolis from 6-8pm.

Please check them out!

Thanks to Paula for the heads up.

Love, Hannah