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Ask Hannah!

25I am going to start shaving my legs.  Any advice on getting started?

Once you shave your legs (or arms, or chest, or…) you’ll never go back.  Smooth, hairless legs feel amazing against bed sheets and a nightgown and a skirt…you’ll be in heaven.
But like anything wonderful, it takes a little work.  Also, like anything when it comes to feminization, it also takes practice and patience.  The first time you shave your legs will probably take a while and you’ll get a few nicks and cuts and you might get a little frustrated.  But with practice and time, your legs will look and feel smooth and amazing!

The first thing you’ll want to do is use an electric clipper to remove as much leg hair as possible.  You don’t want to get toooo close to your skin but you likely have years of growth and a clipper will make your life easier the first time you shave your legs.  Once you have clipped, you’re ready to get shaving.  The right razor and shaving cream is essential.  However, this is also a matter of preference.  Like make up, this is learning by doing, in a way.  Some girls use “girl’s” razors, some use “boy’s” razors.  The argument is that boy’s razors are cheaper and get a closer feel.  Some argue that girl’s razors are better suited for the curves of a leg.  It’s up to you but try multiple options.  But whatever you use, use a different razor for your legs than you use for your face and rinse your razor often as you shave.

I would also recommend taking a bath the first time you shave your legs.  Shaving a leg might look easier than shaving your face but your legs have different curves and harder to reach places than you’d think.  It’s difficult to get every hair on the back of your thigh and around your ankle, for example.  Being in a bath will give you time to sit, to relax and learn your legs.  Also, the warm water will help you open your pores and help you get a closer and smoother shave.  After I got used to shaving my legs I started to shave standing up in the shower.  Again, the first time you do it this way will also take time (and likely the hot water will run out before you are done) and you’ll learn that your body can twist and bend in many new ways as you shave.  You’ll find yourself holding onto the shower bar for balance and stability as you twist and rotate to get every hair.

Patience is key here.  The first time you shave your legs will take FOREVER.  Don’t rush.  As you shave any part of yourself you’ll get better as time passes.  So take your time and savor this experience.

In terms of technique, I start with my upper front thigh.  I use shaving cream (again, try different kinds) and slowly and carefully shave this part of my leg.  Shaving your leg is a little similar to say, shaving your neck and face.  Slow and smooth is key here.  I tend to use long strokes on the longer parts of my leg, and quick, short strokes around my knees and ankles.  But again, whatever works for you.  This is learning by doing.  I then move to the back of my thigh.  The backs of my legs are tricky.  Since I have dark hair and prefer nude stockings, I need to have a close shave in order to look my best.  Before I step into the shower, I do cover the backs of my thighs and lower leg with Veet.  Veet is similar to Nair.  Once I step into the shower, I wash off the Veet and then shave where the Veet was.  This is extra work but it helps with a smoother and cleaner leg.  Shaving the back of your thigh will have you thinking that you should’ve stretched before getting into the shower as you’ll be  bending, twisting and trying to get every hair.  Please hold onto something for balance.

Once my thigh is done, I move onto my knee and lower leg.  Knees are trickier than you think.  The lower leg is pretty straight forward though but the back is also tricky.  I finish the leg with my feet and toes (groooosssss) and then move onto my other leg.

Once I am done, I shut off the water and give my legs another look and then touch up any spots I missed.  The first few times you shave you’ll likely get a few cuts, so prepare for that.  Once you have a smooth and clean leg, you’ll definitely want to use a moisturizer.

Again, the first time you shave your legs might be discouraging and frustrating but like applying eyeliner, it’s something you’ll get better at with time, patience and practice.

If you want to shave your bikini area, you’ll want to use baby oil instead of shaving cream.  Baby oil will leave your skin less irritated and will help you avoid the little red bump thing.    Using baby oil will require you to rinse your razor a LOT more often than using shaving cream, though, but your skin will thank you.  Shaving this area, as you might imagine, takes a lot more patience and time.

I hope this helps!  If any other t-girls out there have any other tips, please leave them in the comments!

Love, Hannah



Ask Hannah!

Have you ever tried waxing? If so, what was your experience like?

0035Although being a t-girl can be very fabulous, you usually don’t see the hard and un-glamorous work that goes into it.

The picture on the left, all modesty aside, is a fantastic photo.  What the picture doesn’t show is how I woke up at 4:30am and then sat for a 75 minute makeover before the picture was taken.  You also don’t see the slight editing that went into post production such as light airbrushing of any skin imperfections and Photoshopping any stray hairs.

And of course, you don’t see the hardest part of all this…eliminating my body hair.  This is the longest and most challenging part of my routine.  I’ve looked into laser hair removal and I will likely do it someday but until I have a little extra money, I will have to stick with my normal process.

So, let’s talk about shaving.

I shave different parts of my body using different methods.  The part of me that I give the most attention to is my face.  I exfoliate twice a day and I can see the results not only as Hannah but in my male face as well.  I have to shave my face each day so I am prone to ingrown hairs and other blemishes.  Exfoliating helps reduce this quite a bit.  Always wash your razor to reduce the amount of bacteria you are spreading on your face and change your blade on a very regular basis.  I will also give my face a day off from shaving the day before I dress up to go out.  When I prep for dressing up, I shave my face in two directions…the first time against the direction my hair grows and then once more in the direction.  Shaving in the shower, especially a hot one helps opens the pores and creates a closer, smoother shave.  After I shave, I will also apply a moisturizer and let that dry before I apply my make up.

SBC_HANNAH_0823And as long as we’re talking about it, use a foundation primer before your foundation.  This helps keep your foundation lasting longer.  A primer is a must in the days when I am out and about for hours and hours…I don’t want any facial hair poking through.  After I add my primer, I will then apply a bright red lipstick (a little goes a long way!) to my beard line.  This is a method that takes some practice but adding a reddish tint to your face counteracts with the slight blueish tint facial hair can create.  This is only a problem if you have black or darker hair however.  Basically what I do is take a very red lipstick and apply a little to my fingers.  I will then spread that to lightly cover my jawline, neck and around my mouth.  If applied correctly you will appear to have a slightly red beard.  Once that is applied, then I will start my foundation.  Please note that this is a tricky process and will likely take a lot of trail and error before you get it right.  Your skin color and foundation shade will likely play a factor in this process.  Don’t be surprised…or discouraged if you have a slightly orangish tint the first few times you try this.  You can also try RCMA Beard Cover, a popular method for those on the stage.

When it comes to my eyebrows, I make sure I have them done about every three weeks.  This is probably the most common area one waxes, but I actually have my eyebrows threaded.   It is not without it’s discomforts but also quick, affordable and convenient.

My arms and legs is nothing more than just a really good razor and shaving cream.  Shaving my arms takes a lot of time especially around my wrists.  I’ve tried other methods for my arms but this creates the best results.  It’s the most time consuming but also the most affordable.  Again, doing this in the shower helps creates a closer, smoother and longer-lasting shave.  The first time you shave your arms and legs you’ll want to use an electric clippers before you use a razor.  I had decades or hair growth before I started to shave my arms and legs on a regular basis and a standard razor would’ve had a tough time with my skin if I I hadn’t clipped it.

As for my chest, this can be a matter of preference but I’ve been using Veet for years now and I am happy with the results.  It doesn’t smell the nicest but it’s quick and lasts for a few days.  You can pick up Veet almost anywhere.

I do hair removal once a week, always on the night before I dress up.

Start to finish, this whole process takes less than an hour.  It used to take longer but with time I’ve gotten a little faster but this is not a process where you can really cut corners.

As for waxing…I’ve yet to do it.  I’m not nervous to try it but I’ve been satisfied with my methods, though they are time consuming.  I suppose if I didn’t have as much to remove and I only needed one or two areas done, I might wax but for now I’ll stick with my current routine.