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September 22 2016

Thank you.

Thank you for the last four years.  Thank you for letting me into your hearts, for letting me be a part of your day, for letting me bounce my thoughts off of you, for giving me an ear to listen to my feelings.
Your comments, you emails, your support and enthusiasm have made me smile more than you’ll ever know.

We are all on a journey and four years ago, I thought my journey was at an end.  I thought I knew who I was, but in the past four years I’ve gone from identifying as a crossdresser to identifying as transgender, I have gone from dressing at home to hitting the town.  I’ve gone from a makeup amateur to someone who (mostly) knows what they’re doing.  I’ve gone from fantasizing about scheduling a makeover to getting them on a regular basis.  I’ve gone from being afraid of someone recognizing me to doing modeling.  I’ve been on a journey and you have all been there every step of the way.  I cannot thank you enough.  I appreciate you more than I can say.

I get emails from you that have truly warmed my heart.  I’ve read your comments about how you too have grown on your own journey.  Thank you for sharing your adventures and feelings with me.

My journey takes me to a new level, a new website and blog.  The new blog can be found at:


Please note that if you subscribe to this blog, you will have to subscribe to the new blog.  Click on ‘Follow Hannah McKnight’ on the upper right hand corner.  If you comment on any posts, your comments will need to be approved so please note that the may not appear for a little bit.

Thank you again for everything.  I am not going away, I am simply moving across the hall.

Love, Hannah