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Ask Hannah!


My first wig

Really like your new wavy hair and the recent outing photos are great too.
As a t-girl one of the few advantages that we have is our ability to change our looks, so I wonder if you’ve experimented with other hair colors or lengths. You do such a great job with your transformations I’m sure it would be fun to take more risks with your hair.

Thank you.  I’ve been having second thoughts about the wavy hair lately because I wasn’t sure if it looked okay.  I was pretty sure I liked it but I really wanted to know what others thought.  The comments really helped so for everyone who voted or commented, thank you, and thank you for your thoughts.  Some of you said the hair frames my face better and I really needed to hear things like that.  It’s easy for me to get insecure and words like that help reassure me.  So thank you.


My usual, straight hair look

I haven’t experimented much with my hair over the last few years.  I want to find hair that suits me and looks natural.  I have black hair “in real life” so I wanted to stick with that since it feels more like “my” hair…plus it matches my eyebrows better.

Although I bravely strut the halls of busy shopping malls in a skirt and heels, I am not much of a risk taker.  I know I am going to be noticed (I’m over six feel without heels) so I do what I can to blend in a little and I want to stick with hair that will help with that.  I have played around a little with slightly different styles and lengths but I mostly have stuck with shoulder-

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New and improved?

length, straight hair.

My hair is the most important, make-or-break part of my look.  No matter how my make up looks or what I’m wearing, I don’t feel beautiful unless my hair looks good.

Love, Hannah